Careless Driving Charge Withdrawn

“In 2015, I was involved in an accident which the guilty party took-off. After the police officer wrongly charged me with Careless Driving, I was both angry and bewildered as I lost faith in the justice system. I knew that I needed professional help from a top-notch law firm specializing...Read More

Speeding, Careless Driving, Flight From Police

“If it wasn’t for Aitken Robertson Criminal Lawyers, and Mark Cardy, I would be looking at some pretty hefty fines and even jail time. I was being charged with unlawfully entering a national park, remaining in the park after close, speeding, careless driving, and flight from police. I was looking...Read More

Going Over In A 40 Zone

“I got a speeding ticket at Sand Bank Beach. I got a ticket for going over in a 40 km zone. I met Mark Cardy and he was able to win the trial for me. He argued that there was insufficient evidence for the charges against me and was able...Read More

Special Thanks

“I was arrested at 6:30 PM on Sunday night (Mischief CCC430) and I was in Richards office at 2:00 PM the next day. Less than 24 hrs. I was a mess, absolutely petrified and had a very hard time trying to stay focused. Richard told me to go home and...Read More

Utmost Professionalism

“I’d like to take this time to send Jay Nadarajah of Aitken Robertson law firm a very big thanks for handling my case with utmost professionalism from start to finish. I would highly recommend her to anybody who may find themselves in an unfortunate situation where criminal charges may apply.”...Read More

Road Side Breath Sample

“After leaving a Christmas Party in Dec of 2014, I was pulled over and asked to provide a Breath Sample. I failed that Road Side Breath Sample, was charged with refusing to provide a breath sample at the station and spent a period of time in the cells. After being...Read More

Best Legal Hands

“The team at Aitken Robertson are absolutely top drawer. Their rare combination of compassion and professionalism are exactly what I needed to guide me through a process that without them would have been frightening, confusing and overwhelming. I felt not only that I was in the best legal hands, but...Read More

Over 80 Conviction Appeal

“Never give up hope. At trial I was convicted of Over 80. I lost my licence for 3 years, received a jail sentence, and would have been ordered to install a breath machine for 3 years after my suspension ended. Mr. Edwin Boeve got me out of jail right away...Read More

Legal Services for Criminal Charges

“The knowledge and preparedness that Nathan Baker demonstrated throughout the handling of my legal proceedings were exceptional. He matched my highest expectations by reaching an outcome that undeniably reflected a good understanding of the legal system. He handled my case in a professional manner and provided realistic expectations that allowed...Read More

Over 80 mgs Charge

“D. Edwin Boeve and the Aitken Robertson team made my terrible situation a very pleasant one in the end. We won our case despite apparently very slim chances. I spent many worrisome days and sleepless nights with my Over 80 mgs charge on my mind. The final verdict would have...Read More

Impaired Driving Matter

“Richard Aitken represented me in an impaired driving matter in a most professional manner. I would recommend his experience and services without reservation. His guidance and efforts helped me get an acquittal against overwhelming adversities.” – B.O.

Multiple Charges

“I will never be able to thank the Aitken Robertson firm enough. To them, practising law isn’t simply which case is going to trial, but truly about the lives that their incredible work will affect. We were faced with multiple charges, but the team at Aitken Robertson, not only held...Read More

Over 80, Impaired, Dangerous Driving, and Failure to Remain

“I was facing four separate charges: Over 80mgs, Impaired, Dangerous Driving, and Failure to Remain. As a result of the charges I lost my job. Furthermore, I faced at least a year suspension from driving, fines and a criminal record, forever hindering my employment opportunities. However, with the professional guidance...Read More

Over 80 Charge

“I was facing an Over 80 charge. They said I was twice the legal limit. I had a prior impaired conviction 5 or 6 years ago. My career and lifestyle were on the line. After meeting with three other lawyers, I was referred to Richard. I received immediate respect, hope...Read More

Bail Hearing and Beyond

“On November 16th, 2010 I made a call to Richard Aitken’s office, not knowing what I was up against for a charge that I truly did not understand. It was the best call I have ever made! The prompt service was absolutely amazing in regards to my questions, as well...Read More

Criminal Charge

I believe that my experience with Aitken Robertson was a very good one. I was in a terrible fix and they listened to my story and made me feel a lot less stressed. I appeared for fingerprints once and never had to miss time at work until I had to...Read More

Failure to Provide a Breath Sample

“My name is C. I’m a 40 year old man with a full time career, a loving wife and 3 wonderful children. In the spring of 2011, my life was turned upside down when I was criminally charged with “Failure to Provide a Breath Sample”. Unbenouned to me at the...Read More

Possession of an Illegal Drug

“On August 19, 2014, I was charged with possession of an illegal drug in the City of Whitby, Ontario. I contact Mr. Aitken right away regarding the matter. We discussed the matter over the phone, where he presented me with my options. I told him what I wanted, which he...Read More

Care and Control and Impaired Driving

“On New Years Eve 2012 , I was out celebrating with friends. One thing led to another I was charged with Care and Control and Impaired Driving. I hired Richard Aitken as my lawyer which turned out to be the best decision I ever made. He was never off the...Read More

Traffic Offence

“Professional, competent and successful! I was delighted with the outcome of my case. I would recommend Aitken Robertson to anyone charged with a traffic offence in Ontario.” – P.C.

Assault Charges

“I was charged with assault in Uxbridge, Ontario and I hired Mr. Richard Aitken as my lawyer. My representation was superior in a professional manner, strongly based on company integrity, with open means of communication which extended to all individuals employed by Aitken Robertson. The time-frame and quoted priced was...Read More

Impaired Driving and Over 80 Charges

“I was charged in Port Perry, Ontario with Impaired Driving and Over 80 mg in June of 2014. Mr. Richard Aitken was the lawyer that dealt with my case. Due to my prior three DUI convictions, the Crown was seeking a prison term somewhere in the range of 60 days....Read More

Driving While Suspended

“Recently, while travelling on Hwy 401 near Whitby, I was charged with driving while suspended. This was very traumatic. I was very unsure of my future. The arresting officer suggested that jail time was a very good possibility. Through investigations, I was directed to Aitken Robertson Criminal Lawyers. I met...Read More

DUI and Failure to Remain

“An unfortunate incident happened to me towards the end of 2013. I had a car accident that the police became aware of and filed some pretty heavy charges on me; DUI and failure to remain. The incident took place in Burlington, Ontario and it would have been career ending for...Read More

Impaired Driving / Over 80 Charges

“I was charged with impaired driving and over 80 in August 2014. Richard Aitken took on my case personally because I was facing these charges for a second time. Most concerning, I was facing a minimum 30 day jail penalty. Richard was able to avert the jail penalty, allowing me...Read More